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Here are some of the courses I have written and run in the past. Just drop me a line saying what you're most interested in and I'll send you the latest info. Most courses are held in London NW5.

Introduction to Creative Writing

On this ten week course we look at the key aspects of writing creatively including how to invent engaging characters, imaginative settings and gripping plot-lines. 

Is it for me? 

If you've always wanted to write but found it hard to begin; if you've tried to start but got stuck;  if it feels like now or never... it's now! These classes are all about creating a warm, supportive and fun atmosphere where you can feel free to be brave with your writing. 


£250 (in advance or in instalments).

Life Writing 

On this eight week course we explore lots of different ways to tell stories from life. We'll look at work by Blake Morrison and Jeanette Winterson amongst others and find the inspiration and the tools needed to write our own stories. 

Is it for me? 

If you have a family story that needs writing, or an experience from your past you'd like to explore on paper, this is a great way to make progress.  


All our lives are stories with beginnings, middles and endings, and plenty happening on the way. These classes will help you give shape to your story in a way that makes it a pleasure to read. 


£200 (in advance or in instalments). 

Writing for Mothers

On this six week course we'll explore ways of writing about the experience of motherhood, theming our sessions around babies, toddlers, teens and adult children. We'll look at the ways published writers have handled the subject and find ways to express the sometimes inexpressible - sharing laughter and maybe a few tears along the way!

Is it for me? 

If you're a mum or a daughter or both and would like to start shaping some of your thoughts on paper in a safe, sharing space, this is for you. 


£150 (in advance or in instalments).

One to one mentoring If you're writing a novel, short stories or a memoir and aren't making the progress you'd like - or if you've got properly stuck - a series of sessions with concrete deadlines and constructive feedback will get you back on track. 

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