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For many people, this is by far the hardest part. It's like saying out loud to the world 'I have this mad dream!' 

And then of course there's the fear. 'What if my idea's rubbish...'  And worse still 'What if I have to make some changes to strengthen my work and grow as a writer?'

I  know how challenging all this can be. And I know that approaching the task with an open heart and good humour makes all the difference. Wordspace is about helping you find the headspace you  need to work with your words, your way. 

what to expect

Drop me an email introducing yourself, Tell me a little bit about your hopes and dreams for your writing, and something about where you feel you are in reality. We can then have a chat about ways in which you can move your writing forwards. 


How much to invest in your writing is a serious question. There are lots of great courses out there - I've taken plenty, including the MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck which inspired me in many different ways - and it's a matter of finding what suits you best at the stage you're at with your work. 

I love what I do - it's a great feeling, seeing a 'stuck' writer lost in a page of freshly written words - so I keep prices sensible while taking into account that reporting  properly on work takes time and plenty of experience.  

When you're ready, your wordspace is waiting. 

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